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Queen Jadwiga's Knights                                                                                                                         

No. 1, July 2003

Elaborated by M. Les

On the occasion of the St Queen Jadwiga day The Queen Jadwiga Foundation organized an exhibition dedicated to St. Jadwiga

Queen of Poland.


Selected works from the QJF Art & Science Gallery:

- Masterpieces as signs

- Works of art as a result of systematic investigations

- Scientific beauty of the expanded visual field.

Exhibition venue: St. Francis Church Pastoral Center, 6-15 June 2003



  1. Opening of the exhibition:                    The Representative of the Foundation
  2. Presentations:
    1. St Jadwiga Queen of Poland
    2. The QJF Art and Science Gallery – a new way of presenting works of art


The Pastoral Center is located at St Francis Church. St Francis Church, one of the oldest in Australia (the first Mass was celebrated on May, 1842),  is located in the heart of Melbourne. St. Francis’ history parallels the history of Melbourne and many of its famous sons and daughters have used it as their parish.




        Before opening




Presentations - dr. Zbigniew Les “The QJF Art and Science Gallery – a new way of presenting works of art”.


During opening of the exhibition






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