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Queen Jadwiga's Knights                                                                                                                         

No. 1, July 2003

Elaborated by M. Les


Decoration of the altar in the Wawel Cathedral on the occasion of celebration of St Jadwiga’s day (8 June 2003)– the Queen

Jadwiga Foundation

The red rose with the beautiful ribbons were sent from the QJF chapters: Australia, France, Germany and Poland to Wawel

Cathedral. The pictures below shows the beautiful decoration of the altar where there is Jadwiga’s cross and urn with

Jadwiga’s ashes.


Wawel Cathedral 7. 06. 2003

       Wawel Cathedral



Altar with urn and Jadwiga’s Cross (red roses with ribbons representing individual countries’ flags)

 Sarcophagus of St. Jadwiga Queen of Poland




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The Queen Jadwiga Foundation

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