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No. 2, April 2005

THE QUEEN JADWIGA RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF UNDERSTANDING – the first steps in the scientific world

Magdalena Les and Dr. Zbigniew Les

The inauguration of the activities of the Queen Jadwiga Research Institute of Understanding (QJRIU) was during the evening lecture presented by Magdalena Les and Dr. Zbigniew Les that took place on 23 November 2004, at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne. The host of this event was Australian Statistical Society Inc. The topic of the lecture was Shape Understanding System: application of statistical methods in designing of the system with the visual thinking capabilities. In this presentation the focus was on the issues connected with shape, understanding, reasoning and statistical methods. In the first part of the presentation the general concepts such as understanding, visual thinking and reasoning were presented. The basic concepts of shape understanding method and selected issues of the implementation of the shape understanding system (SUS) were introduced. In the second part, the statistical shape theory as well as selected statistical methods applied in the pattern recognition and expert systems such as Hidden Markov Models or Bayesian networks, were briefly discussed. The visual inference of SUS that is applied to solve the problem of curve identification, a graphical investigation of the characteristic points of the curve, visual tests, and identification of statistical visual objects, were presented. Examples of application of the SUS in statistics (the regression analysis, cluster analysis, discriminant analysis) were also shown.

This year the Queen Jadwiga Research Institute of Understanding was represented by Dr. Z. Les and Magdalena Les at the International Statistical Conference (ISI2005), 5-12 April, 2005, Sydney, Australia. This was a very successful event that gathered statisticians from all over the world, from more than 100 countries. A diverse Scientific Program included invited and contributed papers sessions, key note speakers of world repute, poster sessions, tutorials and short courses.


Sydney welcomes us with sunny weather – before inauguration of the ISI 2005 conference



 During presentation of the papers at the International Conference ISI 2005, Sydney, Australia


The topic of our presentation was Understanding of the irregular object. In this presentation a method of understanding of the irregular object was presented. The term the irregular object referes to a 2-D object that possesses the small irregularities or is representative of the irregular real world object such as a leaf. The irregular object is also an object for which an exemplar has a distortion caused by the perceptual limitation of the generated tools. These irregularities can be interpreted as the useful information or as a noise that is the result of the processing stage. In understanding process of shape understanding system (SUS) the “noise” of the irregular object is interpreted in the context of the concept of the object. Our approach has a big advantage by relating the perceptual data into conceptual structure of the knowledge about the visual object. In this approach the conceptual similarities make it possible to find the different interpretation for the same visual object.





     Selected slides from the final presentation


Discussion on the presented paper continued after the session


     We had great pleasure to meet with Sir Clive Granger, the Nobel Laureate in economics in the year 2003. He won a Nobel Prize in his discovery in the analysis of time series data.




        During the break –playing Chopin and meeting with prof. Gatnar from Poland



Waiting for news from Vatican before the Pope’s funeral– internet centre and St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney





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