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  1. Recognition of Qualifications in order to get residential visa

To be qualified to get residential visa, we had to fulfill “strange” criteria. The document presented to us in the Australian Embassy in Warsaw contained a list of categories of professions needed in Australia. Mainly, there was a need for highly qualified engineers and computer scientists. It was important to have a degree and a work experience. All qualifications were to be documented. As far as we know, there was no need to have a university degree for people who emigrated from other countries to Australia.


  1. „Strange” way of becoming a member of the Institution of Engineers, Australia

Before being qualified to come to Australia, we were forced to pay a high amount of money only for being considered to become a member of the Institution of Australian Engineers. In addition, a set of documents needed to be sent to Australia. It was a big cost for us (exchange rate was very “bad” for Polish zloty). We had to wait several months for the final decision about becoming a member, and although I had several years of work experience and professional papers published, I was qualified as a “graduate” (newly gradated engineer without any work experience). The strange issue was that becoming a member of the Institution of Australian Engineers was not needed, neither to get a job in Australia nor for anything else.


  1. Humiliating medical examinations

People applying for permanent visa in the Australian Embassy in Warsaw were directed to very expensive and humiliating medical examinations. As Poles (Slavs) we were to prove that we are healthy and we do not have any defect that could come from our race. In Australia we often experience this type of racism. As far as we know, only the Australian Embassy in Warsaw demanded such medical examinations. We’ve protested about this to the Attorney General; we’ve received very arrogant response.






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