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For many years we have been persecuted based on the political and racist grounds. We do not agree for some political decisions of the Australian Government. For this reason, we and our organization, are persecuted. There is a big damage done to us and to our organization. The latest persecution is for the political reason. We cannot vote for the people who do not represent our values. In all democratic countries people have right not to go to the poll when they feel that this election is manipulative and not democratic. Australia, similarly as other regimes, persecutes people who cannot vote for the political reasons. Australian Government tries to teach and instruct other countries about democracy when at the same time persecutes many people for the political reasons (especially the Labor and Liberal Government). We would like to ask for international commission to investigate all crimes against human rights in Australia. We would like to ask all democratic governments all over the world to enforce on Australian Government to stop persecution on the political and racist grounds. We have to pay penalty for not voting however this is only a small part of persecution and our suffering in Australia.



14 April 2009

Zbigniew Les

14/393 Toorak Rod


Dear-Dr-Les -

Failure to Vote by Zbigniew & Magdalena Les Stonnington City Council Election

I refer to your response to the Apparent Failure to Vote notice mailed to you and Magdalena Les on 27 February regarding failing to vote for the Stonnington City Council election held in November 2008.

I note that you state a number of reasons on your response for not voting, including being unaware of the elections, that you will never vote for a person who does not represent your Christian values and a feeling of political persecution.

I take on board the reasons stated in your letter and in response offer the following. Elections for Stonnington City Council were extremely well advertised in local press and the major Victorian daily newspapers. Additionally there was a strong advertising campaign on a large number of radio stations. Additionally the elections for Stonnington City Council were conducted entirely by post and ballot material was mailed to you both at the above address during the period 11-13 November.

Local Government elections are conducted under Section 40 of the Local Government Act 1989. Voting is compulsory for all voters on the roll at the time of the election. As you were both on the voters roll at entitlement day you were required to vote. As you did not vote, and do not have a valid and sufficient reason for not voting you will both shortly be mailed an Infringement Notice. You should note that there is a penalty of $57 attached to each notice.

Yours sincerely

G Frazer

Prosecution Officer




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