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A flat which is shown in the pictures, which consists of two small rooms, is used for our leaving and for work. In this flat we carry out most of work connected with the Queen Jadwiga Foundation (QJF). Prof. Les, as a director of QJF has been working in this flat for many years, sometimes for more thatn 16 hours per day, to be able to finalise the projects. Some projects require very big concentration and any unneccesarr disturbance have a very big impact on his work. Working on scientific projects such as implementation of the SUS or writing scientifi papers for journals or conceferences require very good working conditions. Especially, writing scientific books for Springer-Verlag was very demanding and required very good working condiitons. Besides many our efforts to get an office for QJF, we did not receive any  help from the government or non-government institutions. It was very discriminative because many institutions which are doing research (not only scientific ) and other business or non-for-profit organization have a very big support from the governmnet. This situation is the reason that prof. Les is working in the most disadvantaged working conditions in Australia. In addition prof. Les, having very big scientifi achievemnts, did not receive any money for his scientific work as well as for the work for the charitable organization. Working as a director of QJF, charitable organization, involes among others, writing projects’ proposels, projects management, artistic creative work, actualization of the www, doing programming work, doing scientifi work, and many other necessary works. It is very important to underline that every distuirbance is making a very big damage to work and by this to QJF. All bandit’s attacks which are described in our www, make a work for QJF impossible and by this make a very big damage to QJF. QJF as any other organization, is protected by the law and any staff member, especially a director, is protected by the law when he is doing is duty. Working in the flat, which we were forced to adopt as a working place for QJF, makes it very difficult working condiiton. Prof. Les is in a very disadventougaes position in comparison to any  other scientist of a staff memebr of any other organization in Australia.  It is difficult to imagine how a director of the QJF, who is giving all his time and all his property to the charitable organization, could be attaced in his own working place, his health will be damageeed and he would be forced to run away from this working place. Prof. Les, as a memebr of Solidarity, is also protected by European law. In the light of this law noone has right to make the work impossible. This is a very serious crime. The damage to QJF from this is very big and can be estimated as 3 to 5mln dollars. The damage to the health which prof. Les suffered during his work, is connected with damaging the health of prof. Les duirng his work. Ms. M. Les, a staff member of QJF, who is also working in this flat, is working in a very difficult condition. However, despite of these difficult condiitons and bandits attacts we had a very good record of achievements.






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