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St. Queen Jadwiga













The preparations to celebrate the 20th anniversary of founding QJF have begun in the atmosphere of psychological terror in Poland. One of the more significant elements of the celebration is preparation of the book titled “Other face of Katyn – persecution of QJF”, which will be available in an electronic format in QJFPress. Our intention was to have this book issued by one of the Polish publishers but because of discrimination and racism our book, similarly to former publishing suggestions, will be probably rejected. It is why there is under preparation the English version of that book to be published by one of the English-speaking publishers. Especially those, so called, Catholic publishers who publish books by Gross, brutally reject our book proposals.

Specifically, that book should be read by each Polish patriot, as it uncovers the truth about that most historically distorted period, the period of so-called free Poland, after the year 1989. That book contains materials from our archive, written in the form of QJF diary. The first version of the book will contain articles as written “live”, with no stylistic and/or mistake corrections, as appeared in the section “Wat’s New”. It will allow to show the atmosphere in which they were written in that time.
















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