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The Queen Jadwiga Foundation




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The altar of Queen Jadwiga’s miraculous crucifix is also the altar of St. Queen Jadwiga. The altar, made of black marble, is situated in the south-eastern corner of the ambulatory in the Wawel Cathedral. In the bottom part, centrally, there is a separated altar stone in the shape of a horizontal rectangle with a niche, in which a bronze reliquary with the remains of Queen Jadwiga is placed. Although St. Queen Jadwiga made so many gifts to the Wawel cathedral and was one of the most loved and influential Queen’s in the Polish history, until now She does not have an altar in this cathedra. The QJF initiative is to build the St. Queen Jadwiga’s altar in Wawel Cathedra in homage to St. Jadwiga for Her contribution to the Polish culture and greatness and especially for supporting of strength of our faith.

The altar will be made from the minerals and precious stones and the first materials were already sent from Australia (QJF) to the Cracow Curia. The picture collage, composed from minerals, and precious and semi-precious stones that will be used for designing the altar, was shown at the exhibition of the Art&Science Gallery in Melbourne.


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The materials collected for St. Queen Jadwiga’s altar and little pearls for making the rationale’s replica, which were sent to Cracow Curia, are exposed in the special “Queen Jadwiga Foundation” glass cabinet in Wawel cathedra (see above).


Most of materials (minerals, precious and semi-precious stones) will be selected from the Strzelecki Collection that is part of the SQJRIU collection.







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The gold, precious and semiprecious stones send to Cracow Curia





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