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The Queen Jadwiga's Pearl was established on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of establishment of the Queen Jadwiga Foundation. This award is being granted to the politician who has the scientific background and whose political activities are rooted in Christian values. In the year 2005 the Queen Jadwiga's Pearl was awarded to the Italian politician Minister prof. R. Buttiglione.


Rocco Buttiglione's defences of Christian values during his contentious confirmation hearings before the European Commission is to be an example that should be followed by all Catholic politicians. While weathering a firestorm of criticism Mr. Buttiglione maintained his steadfast support of equality before the law and the equal dignity of every individual and stood fast against the attacks of radical liberals, communists and greens, that deny all public manifestation of religion. In addition to his political and public life Professor Buttiglione's intellectual achievements in the areas of theology, philosophy, and social ethics are consistently contributing to the moral debate in the USA as well as Europe. With his numerous publications in several languages, as well as his distinguished teaching career, Minister Buttiglione has facilitated and fostered genuine progress in thought about the relationship between human freedom, religious faith, and the free and virtuous society.










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Italian Consulate in Melbourne - representatives from the Queen Jadwiga Foundation, Director of the Foundation Prof. Zbigniew Les and Ms Magdalena Les present the award "Queen Jadwiga's Pearl" to Consul General Dr Francesco Calogero.