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The Queen Jadwiga Foundation






1. Humiliating medical examinations organized by the Australian Embassy in Poland

2. Scientific degrees from the best Polish universities not recognized in Australia

3. Not fully recognized professional degrees

4. Make it impossible „normal start” in Australia

5. Discrimination at work place

6. Attacks on QJF and its members

7. Forcing us to run away from our own flat

8. Make it impossible to carry out QJF activities

9. Persecution because of not voting











All QJF activities were inspired by the life and the great achievements of our Patron St. Queen Jadwiga. St. Queen Jadwiga was crown as the King of Poland and She was serving as the politician is her main tasks. It is best expressed by the following excerpt from the Pope’s homily:


“… The spirit of service inspired her social commitment. She zealously devoted herself to the political life of her time. And she, the daughter of the King of Hungary, successfully combined faithfulness to Christian principles with the defence of the common-wealth of Poland. Undertaking great works in the national and international sphere, she desired nothing for herself. Through her generosity she enriched her second homeland with every material and spiritual good. An expert in the art of diplomacy, she laid the foundations for Poland's greatness in the 15th century. She inspired religious and cultural cooperation between the nations and her sensitivity to social wrongs was often praised by her subjects.”


QJF, following St. Queen Jadwiga’s example, has to be engaged in the political activities. Among others, St. Queen Jadwiga’s pearls, the initiation of St. Queen Jadwiga’s National Movement, protest against discrimination of Polish minority in Australia are examples of political activities of QJF.

The persecutions of members of QJF in Australia and Poland are one of the sides of involvement in political activities. In today's “democratic” world there is freedom for only selected ideological groups of political activists. Those who in are defending the Christian values and Christian faith, especially secular Polish, Slavic, Catholic are persecuted and discriminated in Poland and Australia. QJF is the vivid example of the brutal, barbaric persecution both in Poland and in Australia by the same ideological and racist fanatics.

















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St. Queen Jadwiga's National Movement



St. Queen Jadwiga’s Pearl

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Protest against the politics of Polish Government


Protest against the politics of Australian Government



Some most important political proposals


Fighting for obtaining recompense for all damage to the QJF and QJF members