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Persecution of Catholics, especially of Polish Slavic origin has a long history. However, the most cruel fate faces the group of people from Polish Solidarity, so called “Solidarność wyklęta” movement, betrayed by the Solidarity non-Polish KOR fraction and their collaborators during installation of the occupational communist government of so called round-table agreement.

In that time communist from Poland and their international partners, such as members of the Labour Party in Australia installed the very barbaric system of persecution, the aim of which was to wipe out any trace of the truly Solidarity movement that was based on the Christian values and was represented by intellectualists of the Polish, Slavic origin.

In Poland after the year 1989 and installation of the KOR-communist government as the result of round-table agreement, many people from Solidarity who were against this treacherous agreement were persecuted, removed from work, robbed, forced to migrate from Poland, or murdered. In country such as Australia, where they were forced to live after coming from Poland, they, especially Polish, Slavic intellectualists were persecuted and subjected to the terror and destruction.

For the people forced to migrate the persecution, discrimination and barbaric racism started at the beginning of the long and very humiliating application for the entrance visa. It was especially very racist, barbaric and humiliating, causing a very big, not only financial damage. In Australian Embassy in Warsaw this procedure was connected with the violation of the human rights, when the candidates, Polish professional intellectualists, were subjected to very traumatic and humiliating medical examination. The very racist practice of the Keating’s Australian Labour Party is very evident in the context of treatment of the illegal migrants who, in Australia, have so many privileges. Until now, there are no any international organizations that would be willing to investigate the crimes of the Keating Government and cruelty of crimes of the Kirner’s Labour Victorian Government committed against Polish professional migrants who came to Australia as the result of the very manipulating encouragement from the Australian Embassy in Warsaw. There is a strong filling of very racist’s prejudice of some international left-oriented organizations toward the Polish, Slavic Catholics, so evident in making so many privileges for today’s people smuggling illegal migrants. Also so many EU organizations responsible for investigation of crimes committed against people from countries which members of the UE, are operating on the basis of double-standard and very racist prejudges toward Polish Catholics of Slavic origin. It is very important to stress that people from the Solidarity persecuted in Poland after 1989 could not apply for the refugee status, which was one of the cruellest treatment of the persecuted people from Poland. 




Humiliating medical examinations

Candidates applying for a permanent visa in the Australian Embassy in Warsaw were directed to very expensive and humiliating medical examinations. This very detail examination lasted three days and every, even  not very significant defect, was the basis for prolongation of the further qualification process until the  specialist doctor did not supplied evidence proving that sometimes very nonsensical rudiments of Australian Embassy were fulfilled. As Poles (Slavs) we had to prove that we are healthy and we do not have any defect that could come from our race. In Australia we often experienced this type of racism. As far as we know, only the Australian Embassy in Warsaw demanded such medical examinations. We’ve sent the protest letters to many Australian institutions, asking for compensation and apology for application of such a barbaric and racist procedure. Many Australian institutions simple ignored our letters, and from same of them such as the Attorney General, we’ve received a very arrogant and offending response. The letters were also sent to many Polish institutions, Presidents, Premiers, ministers or consulates but no response was ever received.  


Recognition of Qualifications in order to get residential visa

To be qualified to obtain the residential visa, we had to fulfil “strange” criteria. Being persecuted in Poland we were not allowed to apply as the refugee. The document presented to us in the Australian Embassy in Warsaw contained a list of categories of professions needed in Australia. It was said that only the highly qualified engineers and computer scientists could be granted the permanent visa. It was very important to have a higher degree and a very good record of the work achievement. All qualifications were to be well documented that required to supply the vast number of documents that could support any of the most exotic requirements. As far as we know, there was no need to have a university degree for people who emigrated from other countries to Australia, who the university degree obtained during the study at Australian universities usually working at many well paid government positions or having a very high scholarship.


Not recognition of the degree of the best Polish (UE) universities in Australia without informing about this before coming to Australia.

It was very barbaric and very deceitful way of destroying Polish professionals in Australia. Most professionals from Poland who came in that time (1990) to Australia had very good professional achievements and some of them were engaged in pursuit the doctorate degree. They were especially encouraged by Ambassador from AE in Warsaw to come to Australia ensuring that in Australia it is so many opportunities for continuation of works toward doctorate. Much information which was presented in AE in Warsaw to the very well qualified candidates was very misleading. In this context, it was not a surprise that in Australia from the beginning the very well qualified Polish professionals were subjected to the very special treatment by depriving them nearly all professional facilities they had in Poland and throwing them into the bottom of the hopeless existence of Australian labour slaves living in the awful poverty. The worst thing was giving to Polish profesionals the government documents with a statement that the title   “Magister” degree from Polish universities, even the best ones, are recognized as “Bachelor” degree, whereas even in USA the degree “Magister” from the best Polish universities was recognized as “Master of Science” degree. It should be noted that no one in the AE in Warsaw informed us about that barbaric procedure and, on the contrary, the Ambassador gave us very misleading information about this matter, ensuring us that our Polish universities are well known in Australia and Australia is proud that we would be willing to continue our work toward PhD in Australia. It was especially very damaging for those who had very advanced research work toward the doctorate such as prof. Z. Les (in that time Mgr inż.) who was doing his PhD, and his wife mgr Magdalena Les who had very advanced work toward her doctorate. Not recognition of the degree was a very big, not only the financial, damage for those who were forces to recover Master degree at one of the Australian universities. This very cruel, barbaric and racist act of depreciation of the Polish universities and Polish professionals had its roots in communist links between communist of ALP such as Mrs Kirner and KGB in CCCP and was continuation of the communist politics to eradicate of Polish, Slavic, Catholic intellectualists. We cannot exclude the possibility of collaboration in this matter of communist and communist agents from Poland and very hostile against Polish professional elite people who come to Australia from Poland in 1968. Until now no recompense was given to the victims of such a racist and very act of destroying of the very talented and very well qualified Polish professionals.


„Strange” way of becoming a member of the Institution of Engineers, Australia


Before being qualified to come to Australia, we were forced to pay a high amount of money only for being considered to become a member of the Institution of Australian Engineers. In addition, a huge number of documents was needed to be sent to Australia. It was a big cost for us (exchange rate was very “bad” for Polish zloty). We had to wait several months for the final decision about becoming a member, and although some of us had several years of work experience and very good professional achievements (scientific papers published, pursuing PhD degree) they were qualified as a “graduate” (newly gradated engineer without any work experience). It shows a very racist prejudice of the Council of Institute of Engineers of Australia toward the very talented, creative and very well qualified Polish engineers. The strange issue was that becoming a member of the Institution of Australian Engineers was not needed, neither to get a job in Australia nor for anything else.

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