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 _“… The spirit of service inspired her social commitment. She zealously devoted herself to the political life of her time. And she, the daughter of the King of Hungary, successfully combined faithfulness to Christian principles with the defence of the common-wealth of Poland. Undertaking great works in the national and international sphere, she desired nothing for herself. Through her generosity she enriched her second homeland with every material and spiritual good. An expert in the art of diplomacy, she laid the foundations for Poland's greatness in the 15th century. She inspired religious and cultural cooperation between the nations and her sensitivity to social wrongs was often praised by her subjects. …









Catholic worlds are offered many different proposal of following of the Saints whose life and achievements are recognized as the best examples to follow. Instead of simple fact that each epoch has its own challenges and is characterized by its specific material and cultural (spiritual) conditions there is some unbroken believe of influential people in the Catholic Church as the result of the same schematic way of thinking, that is especially visible in the context of the political involvement of the Catholics in shaping of the world. Sometimes very purposeful selection of the so called “left-oriented” Saints to be followed is intended to marginalize involvement of Catholics in politics, reducing them to the workers of charitable organizations. However, in the time of the false democracy, lack of the very clear and very decisive stand of the Catholics and lack of the Catholic political leaders leads to the paradoxical situation where, sometimes a very small minority group is possessing power exercising the antichristian anti-values making majority of Catholics slaves of the strange ideology and, what is more surprising, in theirs Catholic Countries. Now, thanks to the example of St. Queen Jadwiga and Polish Solidarity we, Catholics have opportunity to follow the great achievements of St. Queen Jadwiga and not only to make the world more human, more just but also to find the way to become the saint.

St. Queen Jadwiga National Movement is the political movement that is based on following the principle of politics and strength of character and personal qualities of St. Queen Jadwiga.

One of the main tasks is the proper educational program especially for politically gifted people and selection the best candidates to be the political leaders, the candidates for the members of parliament and all higher positions in the Government. This program will be based on the QJF proposal for St. Queen Jadwiga’s Schools, however it should be further elaborated to include many aspects of the current world political situation.

The most significant is to stress the importance of restoring of the strong link to the Christian values at the universities and all institutions which are places where elite of the Catholic Nations such as Polish is educated. We cannot stand the situation such as is now in Poland, that is the result of the treacherous round-table agreement, where a professor who is Catholic of Slavic origin is a very rare curiosity at Polish university. We cannot agree with a very big ideological mystification trying, so called autonomy of universities, use as the veil for installation of the very anti-human ideologically based on very strong anti-Christian prejudices and persecution of the Catholic candidates, especially of Polish Slavic origin, for the professorial post. The very important issue is also very immense sabotage aim of which is i impossible to carry out the high quality research and by this proving that Poland is the country of the no talented and not very clever people.

The very important part is to elaborate the specific criteria for candidates to become the President, the Premier or any particular Minister.

One of the most important issues is to elaborate and implement the economical principle of creation of the wealth by introducing a significant reduction in the cost of living. In the time of introducing robots in making the wealth this new paradigm is to be dominant. The present “polish” government is implementing very obsolete and contradictory even with the common sense program of very rapid increase of the cost of living.

The relegation of the most of the tasks that are now sometimes artificially assigned to the charitable organization to the duties of the Government of the modern State.

In the world of the nuclear weapons the defence of the country (nation) Poland should be based on the possession of the nuclear arms. 




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