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ATTACKS on members of QJF


Attempts to kill

Attempt to kill in Tarcutta

In 2002, while driving a car on a way to the conference in Canberra, prof. Les and his wife were suddenly attacked – front windscreen of our car was hit by clay made bowl and, as a result, they had lost all visibility. It happened in Tarcutta village. It was a miracle that they were not killed in a car accident. Clay made bowl was used not to leave any trace. When they had managed to get out from the car they had seen two women, most probably residents of the local village. After reporting this incident to the local police, no action was undertaken to find attackers. Only staff members of ACER (where my Ms. Les worked) could know about this travel to Canberra. It could be an attempt to frighten prof. Les and his wife because of revealing information about poor quality of results produced for PIZA project and producing the false results of statistical analysis. They were afraid that such an attack could be repeated and they informed about this terroristic attack to ASIO. They had got a very arrogant response saying that they had to solve this issue by themselves. They had feeling that those attacks were also directed against the Queen Jadwiga Foundation.

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Entering Tarcutta


Accident at the area of the Australian Council of Educational Research. Working in ACER was a very traumatic experience caused by very cruel tormenting Mrs. M. Les by a sadist from ACER who wanted to force her to produce the false results of statistical analysis. Most of results of statistical analysis in ACER were produced by violation of the basic statistical standard. There was only one anti-professional standard that means doing work so quickly that it was impossible to follow any professional standard and that was very purposefully enforced by CEO and ACER council to produce the results that were previously assumed to support the ideological mission of ACER and the PISA program. It was many attacks inspired by some people from ACER not only to frighten Ms. Les who, as a professional statistician, strongly opposed of this procedure of producing of the false results on the special request. One example of this was in Tarcutta, another very serious was in Camberwell. While Ms. Les was leaving ACER’s underground parking, her car was hit by a speeding BMW car. This accident was well “arranged” and could end tragically. Fortunately, she was not seriously injured but the car was destroyed heavily and instead of repairing, RACV made decision to destroy it. As a result, only a very small amount of money was given as a compensation for the car. It is important to add that the car was very important in carrying out QJF activities, and it was a very serious damage to the QJF. After that accident Ms. Les started to feel a very strong pain in the spine that made the working with computer a very difficult task. At the same time she was forced to do the work that demanded long hours of data analysis. The executive staff and especially CEO Dr Master were informed about an accident and were well aware of the that long lasting (more than 12 hours) work after accident could end in serious health deterioration. Many times Mr. P. shouted at Ms. Les forcing her doing very quickly the complex analyses. Despite of the very strong pain and big stress, being afraid to lose the job (as it was very often suggested), she managed to obtain results as good as the others. Despite the suffering and humiliation, her contract was not renewed based on the very racist and preparation of special report that was based on not true and invented facts (evaluation was done by Dr. Lai). After such a vivid “crime” prof. Les decided to take the matter to the court; based on advice of very experienced lawyer. However, continuous attacks arranged by people from ACER and Body Corporation (Mr. Klein) that caused a very serious health problem, made it impossible to follow this matter. In this situation it was only one solution – to leave Australia.


Works very dangerous for the health

In the first part of the year 2005 there was a refurbishment carried out in the flat no. 22 (above the flat no. 14 of prof. Les and his wife). They were not advised about the refurbishment, which lasted for a very long time and was very burdensome and dangerous for their health. Terrible hammering, drilling and bumping lasted all day long which was very harmful to health and made it impossible not only to work in their flat but also to stay in the flat. Till today they feel the results of that terrible psychological terror. It was important to stress that all work connected with QJF activities as well as all research (scientific work) was carried at this flat (no. 14). Prof. Les and his wife never obtain any compensation from the owner of the flat no. 22, for damage to their health and damage to the QJF. The QJF damage is estimated to be 170 000 A$.

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Large piece of concrete fell down from the ceiling in the bathroom as a result of hammering and drilling in the flat no. 22 above the flat no. 14. In that time prof. Les was in the bathroom. If he would be struck by such a piece of concrete, he could be seriously injured or even killed.

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Large holes in the bathroom ceiling done after hammering and drilling in the flat No. 22. The work was done by unqualified worker who was working without any supervision.


In the year 2006, a new owner of the flat no. 22 (Mr. Bennett) started another refurbishment. At that time both prof. Les and his wife were very ill and they had to follow the doctor advised to stay in bed. Similarly to their previous experience in the previous year, heavy hammering, drilling and bumping made it impossible to stay in their flat. They called the police asking to stop the work for the time they were ill. Prof. Les as an engineer was also obliged by the code of ethic to stop any work that is carried out in unprofessional and dangerous to health way. Mrs. Les, as a director of the body corporate, was also representing other tenants of the building, suffering because of this work. They call to the police. Policewoman who answered the call, with a very racist prejudice toward Polish people, didn’t treat their request seriously. They’ve asked the worker, who behaved very aggressively, to stop the work but it resulted in strengthening his malicious behaviour. On Thursday, quit unexpectedly two policemen came to tell to prof. Les and his wife that the work needed to be carried out. Despite of being very ill, they were very brutally ordered by policemen from the Prahran Police Station “to go to the street”; this was very inhuman and barbaric behaviour based on the very racist attitude toward the Australian citizens of the Polish origin. After that “police intervention” they were both under terrible stress and they health was worsen that could cause a very tragic end. Next day, on Friday, they were woken up by terrible bumping and heavy hammering. Mrs. Les fainted, and Prof. Les just managed to take her to the corridor (half-dressed only). She couldn’t get conscious for a long time. Workers, seeing that they were still alive, continued even heavier hammering. At last, they had managed to get “a full conscious” and run away to the street. Prof. Les felt terrible pain in his chest and he had to lie down on the street bench next to the tram stop. All day they had to stay in the street, close to the clinic, just in case they feel even worse and they need doctor’s assistance. Their family doctor was not available on that day. They went to see the doctor the next day; they were examined and Mrs. Les was directed on the very costly specialist medical examinations. They have filling that it was well planned attempt to kill. Workers behaved very aggressively so they were afraid to enter the building. After this incident, when the owner of the flat came, they went to see him and asked him his surname because they wanted to take legal action against him. The owner was very aggressive and rude, he threaten them saying that his mother is a solicitor and that in three months he will be the owner of their flat. It was not just a threat. Soon after that, new tenants (probably form New South Wales) moved to the flat No. 22; they were very noisy and maliciously deprived the sleep prof. Les and his wife. Every day they were woken up at about 4.30 in the early morning by a very noisy behaviour of tenants. The worse thing happened during the Sundays and the following day of Catholic feast when they had to spend all these days in the car. Quite unexpectedly this terror coincided with the changes in Mr. Les work in the Victorian Government. It should be noted that at that time she was elaborating a new method which was an important achievement of the Victorian Government. At the same time, annoyances at the work place began. As a result of that psychological terror, Mr. Les went through expensive detailed medical heart examination. Unfortunately, prof. Les didn’t have money to do similar medical examination.

On 5 May 2006, Colin Bradley started checking the windows in the building. Without any notice to the owners and tenants, unexpectedly, in the backyard of the building appeared heavy machinery which allowed workers to get to the balcony of the prof. Les and Mrs. Les flat. Mrs. Les, as a Director of the Body Corporate, phoned the secretary Mr. Klein in this matter and found out that the workers are illegally in the backyard (they didn’t have agreement from the Body Corporate). Because using this machinery was very dangerous to the health, not only of elderly people who lived in that building (in the building lived older and ill persons), she asked Mr. Klein for intervention. Suddenly, on their balcony appeared a man Mr. R. He was very aggressive, he knocks brutally at the balcony window with his fists. Prof. Les and his wife were shocked as it was obvious that he tries to get into theirs flat. Only when Mrs. Les, as a Director of the Body Corporate, asked him to leave our balcony, he reluctantly left saying that the balcony does not belong to the flat. From that time they were continuously attacked as the workers “use their balcony” as if it belonged to them. This created a very danger situation because the locks in the balcony doors were very “simply” and easy to open, and there was no protection against workers getting into and plunder the flat. They had noticed that their flat was plundered during that time when the work connected with windows ‘installation’ was carried out. Data from their computer could be stolen. This very burdensome work connected with checking the windows lasted about two weeks. They were afraid to stay at home at that time. It is important to underline that despite that the work was not approved by the Directors of the Body Corporate and workers were staying illegally “around the building”, yet Mr. Klein as well as other Directors did nothing to stop the work carried out illegally.

On 30 May 2006 started a very burdensome refurbishment in the flat no. 6 (below the flat 14) which lasted about two weeks. It was impossible not only to do any work in the flat 14 but also stay in the flat. Very often they were forced to stay outside of the flat despite of the very bad weather and cold during winter. As a result of this terror prof. Les got very sick (bronchitis) and he as been suffering from this until now.

On 24 July 2006 started work very dangerous to the health of people living in the building, connected with fitting new windows in the building. Work was carried out under a supervision of the young unexperienced woman. This work was carried out on the ‘command’ of Mr. Klein and other Directors without approving of the owners during General Meeting. Prof. Les and his wife were not notified about this at the General Meeting (similarly like most other owners) and it seemed that all matters connected with these works were a serious crime. Prof. Les and his wife asked for the special commission to investigate all matters connected with crime committed by Mr. Klein, Mr. Adorjan and Mr. Shadbolt. During the time when the work has been carried out they were under the continuous stress because one of the workers behaved very aggressively (most probably psychopath). Prof. Les felt very bad; this was the result of the work carried out in an unprofessional way which was very dangerous to his health. In addition he had a cold - because he was forced many times to leave home and stay in the street when the work was carried out. On Tuesday workers started very burdensome work in the neighbouring flat. He has asked a young worker to stop the work because he felt very bad. Worker “throwed threw at his face invectives” and continued the work in such a way as to make a big harm to my health. It is important to stress that the worker was using “noise protecting headphones” and was aware that this work is making big harm to the health of very ill prof. Les. Prof. Les managed to phone to his wife who, fortunately to came home very quickly and in this way “saved his life”. When his wife, as a Director of the Body Corporate, asked the worker to stop the work, he was swearing at her and she had to hide in the flat because the workers seems to be ready attack her. Because workers started to behave very aggressively, prof. Les and his wife had to leave theirs flat. They feel that it that it was an attempt to kill with premeditation. If wife of prof. Les couldn’t come back home so quickly he would have been not able even to ask for help. Being afraid to loss theirs health and also being afraid of the “young bandit” they were forced to rent a flat in Darling Towers during the time of work carried out in the building. They have to pay  quiet big sum for renting for renting flat in this Darling Towers because it was impossible to live in theirs flat in that time. Works have been carried out for a very long time only to cause a financial damage to prof. Les and his wife’s (forcing them to rent flat in Darling Towers). On 13 of September, while they were hoping that all the work has been finalized, suddenly the workers appear in the backyard of the building. That young psychopath began to threaten them and soon workers start to kick into theirs door. They were afraid that workers could attack them from the balcony (they had ladders). When they noticed that workers are in the backyard next to the balcony, their “escape” from the flat and run to the car. Young “bandit” noticed them and run toward them with s heavy hammer in his hand. It was a miracle that in that time somebody came by car and it is why they managed to leave the backyard by car. They were under a very big stress and were afraid to return to theirs flat. It is important to underline that while they were renting another flat at Darling Towers, they have noticed that somebody was stayed in theirs flat. Laptop was stolen from our flat and probably files from their computer. It should be noted, that on theirs laptop there was all information about the foundation. Prof. Les would like to add that the files that could be stolen included his latest research that was on the ownership of our foundation. This research has a very big value and it is very strange that in Australia the research is not protected. It is also very strange that Polish Government does not show any interest in protection of the ownership of the Polish organization. It is important to add that Mr. Klein keep sending to prof. Les and his wife the levy to pay (ab. $7000) for the work that was not done. The new windows in other flat were not installed. It was very cruel case of psychological terror. Prof. Les as the Director of The Queen Jadwiga Foundation sent Mr. Klein the letter and 20 000 A$ bill asking to pay for damage to the QJF. Until now Mr. Klein didn’t pay and now the amount of payment for the damage will be 450 000 A$. QJF will be also claiming compensation from other directors of Body Corporate Mr. Adorjan and Mr. Shadbolt.

This work had also very big impact on health of other people living in this building. One older person was taken to the hospital in serious condition, where she died. People are afraid to talk about an impact of this work on their health because they could be punished by Mr. Klein and owners of the company which was doing that work. No one from the City Council or doctors who are responsible for medical care do not undertake any action in order to prevent so big damage to health of the old and ill people subjected to this bandit “terror”.

On 12 May 2007, Mr. Holmes started a very burdensome work in the flat no. 6 (below our flat). That refurbishment lasted more than two months and was very dangerous to our health. Very often work was done on Saturdays and Sundays. As a result, prof. Les and his wife were forced to run out from theirs flat on Saturdays and Sundays having no place to rest. A new owner of the flat no. 6 (after selling flat by Mr. Holmes) started further work. It was very dangerous to the health. It was very traumatic experience.

On Thursday (29/11/07) we were woken up by strong bumping into the wall. I have approached the window and saw a few unknown cars parked in the backyard parking of the building. This parking is “strictly for tenants” and nobody else had a right to park there (we are owner of the parking space). We have also noticed a ladder close to our balcony. I have asked unknown persons to leave parking immediately. One person behaved very aggressively. I have also taken photos of the cars illegally parking in the backyard. Illegal parking in the backyard happen quiet often. After a while, a terrible bumping with the hammer forced us to leave our flat. While we have been getting into our car, one person started to run toward us with a heavy hammer in his hand. Fortunately, we have managed to get into the car and stared to drive. That man, looking like mad, tried to hit us through the window of the car. It was a miracle, that with quick manoeuvre, we have managed to avoid to be hit by that man. When hit by such a heavy hammer, it could cause immediate the death. Sitting in the car, it is impossible to avoid to be hit. The man fallowed our car but seeing that we are leaving quickly, furious he threw the hammer trying to hit the back screen of the car. We were shocked because such an attack could end tragically to us. We think that this was another attempt to kill. Immediately after the attack, we reported this to the police (at the police station). We were astonished that no police car was sent to the place where the attack took place. We spent the entire day outside of the flat being afraid of another attack of that psychopath.

From the time of establishment of our Foundation, the real estate agent, Talbot, Birner, Morley Pty. Ltd. had rented a flat below (flat no. 6) to the mentally ill person. Prof. Les and his wife were not informed about this that the person renting the flat is very dangerous to other tenants and was under continuous surveillance. From that time Prof. Les and his wife were maltreated by mentally ill person (very noisy music at night and during the day, bumping at walls, shouting and producing inhuman voices). Especially dangerous were cigarettes and narcotic smoke getting into our bedroom through ventilation pipes. Sealing of the ventilation pipes didn’t help. Mentally ill person was also following them in the street, was following prof. Les wife in the street, when she was going to the tram stop or train station. Because Mr. Magdalena Les was a director of the body corporate and she were complaining about his behaviour, she was afraid that he can attack her. In January 2006, prof. Les was suddenly attacked by this mentally ill men in the street when coming back home with his wife. He very unexpectedly hit prof. Les; it was very dangerous, and could cause the death. In that time they did not know that this man was mentally ill and very dangerous for people of other race that his. They reported about this attack to the police at Prahran Station where they learn that this person is mentally ill and very dangerous, but no protection was given to prof. Les and his wife. From this time they live under a very big stress especially when policemen worn them not to even to speak to this mentally ill men. It was real night-mare because the mentally-ill man started to introduce the very cruel and difficult event to describe terror, knowing well that they do not have any possibility to defend themselves. The terror was intensified when agent (man from Russia, but not Russian origin) started in more cruel way to terrorize prof. Les and his wife. Fortunately, the flat was sold and new owner did not allow agent, Talbot, Birner, Morley Pty. for further torturing prof. Les and his wife. The damage to QJF is estimated for 500 000 A$.

The worst was the tenants from flat 22, where the parquet was put instead of the carpet. The first tenant Mr. Harrison was very purposefully acting to make a very big damage to QJF. It was one of the reasons that prof. Les and his wife had to rent the flat where the work on the project (preparing the second book for Springer) could be carried out. Unfortunately the flat (in villa on Toorak) was full of the very dangerous insects and with the very old and gas installation that caused a very big risk for the health. The owner did not do anything to remove the insects from the villa. When prof. Les in a very serious conditions went to hospital after biting by the insect and when he asked for compensation for damage to the health the owner arranged very cruel expelling from that house. As the result, prof. Les in the very pure health conditions was forced to move to the hotel. It caused a very serious damage to his health. The owner until now did not pay any compensation for very serious damage to his health. The damage to the QJF is 900 000A$ and compensation for prof. Les.

After returning to the flat No. 14, in order to be able to continue work on preparing the third book prof. Les and his wife were forced to rent the office, because tenant from the flat No. 22 was very troublesome. The worst come when the young girl, the daughter of the local policeman was installed in that flat by agent (women) that had a very racist prejudice to polish people and hate the Catholics. The young girl, very often drunk, having very good protection from the Prahran Station police and his policeman father started to make the real hell during the night. She and many times warn Polish Catholic family that she will destroy their lives. Many time during the night Mrs. Les was forced to phone to the police and police never undertake any action to prevent her and his husband from being maltreated by the dunkers and bandit from the flat No. 22.  It was very shocking, because she was doing very important project for Vic Government and as the senior public servant she should be protected by the police. When, after various attack at night by the drunken bandits from the flat No. 22 doctor wrote the statement that both prof. Les and Mrs. Les are at risk of lost her life when living in theirs flat, and advised a very quick moving to other place, they decided to come back to Poland. This cruel racist terror was based on the very big hatred to the Catholics of polish origin and QJF. These attacks were supported by owner of the flat 22, who very carefully selected tenants living in his flat. They had a very good connection with the police and some racist organizations. Until now the police do not give the name of the tenant (young girl) and, what is more important the name of the owner of the flat No. 22. The damage to QJF caused by owner of the flat No. 22 is 2 500 000 A$ and damage caused by the young girl 500 000A$.

We are shocked that our charitable organization, the Queen Jadwiga Foundation, is so seriously vexed. I would like to stress that we do all work for the Foundation without any payment. The Australian Government is aware of the influence of the Foundation and appreciates the work of the Foundation for the Polish Minority group and Australian communities because we received another grant for our activities. We estimate that a loss for our Foundation is about $1000000 as a result of making impossible to work for the Foundation.




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Place where a front windscreen of car was hit by a ball made of clay


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The village buildings on the horizon where from, most probably, came attackers.