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Project 2

A New Method of Aesthetical Evaluation of the Picture


One of the general objectives of the project is to develop a new of aesthetic evaluation. Any object to be recognized as an artistic object (e.g. a painting, a sculpture) is subjected to the aesthetic judgment. When in the past art critics were concerned with the finding general rules of aesthetic evaluation, today’s some of “artistic bureaucrats” postulate that term “artistic” is to be add to everything they call a “work of art”. This nihilistic trend leads to big manipulation of the meaning of the “artistic production” and even to negation of the aesthetic evaluation.

In traditional aesthetic, the interpretation of works of art in terms of their “form” or “structure” is often distinguished from the interpretation of work in terms of their “content” or “association”. For the picture, a “form” corresponds more or less to how a work of art is “composed”. The composition of the picture treats a work of art as a coherent whole that can be divided into several parts, each bearing a relation to the whole. The interpretation of a work of art in terms of its form considers the properties of this whole, its parts, and their relations. These properties in a painting include colour, shape, texture and a rule of composition of those elements on the picture’s plane.

In the past there were some attempts to base an aesthetic evaluation of the picture on the measurement of some of the properties of the picture. It was assumed that an aesthetic evaluation is based on a measure of some of the features of a picture, the relation between a whole and a part, or between picture elements, or can be expressed in the form of the more general composition rules. For example, Birkhoff’s aesthetic measure was based on mathematical formulas, artists often used composition rules based on proportions, and also different composition rules given in the qualitative form.

The aims of the project are: to further the development of the method of aesthetic evaluation of the picture based on the previous research that was carried out by. Dr. Z. Les, to deepen the cooperation between scientists and artists, to elaborate the systematic way of teaching the students of the aesthetic evaluation, to increase awareness of the society about the role of the aesthetics evaluation in the qualification of the picture to be a work of art, to supply tools for experimentations in the artistic design and aesthetic evaluation. The results of this research were published and incorporated as a basis to establish the QJF Art & Science Gallery.


1. Les, Z. (1996) An Aesthetic Evaluation Method Based on Image Understanding Approach. VISUAL 96 Conference Proceedings, Melbourne.


Books in preparation

  1. Z. Les “QJF Art&Science Gallery –aesthetical, epistemological and axiological issues”
  2. Z. Les “Image understanding and aesthetic evaluation”

(Electronic version of this book can be ordered by sending e-mail to: office@qjfpl.org)




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