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QJF-Art&Science Gallery



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QJF-Art&Science Gallery 


The Queen Jadwiga Foundation (QJF) refers to the tradition where the visual art and science were very closely related. The QJF Art&Science Gallery that is part of the QJF activities is the result of research in image understanding and aesthetic evaluation. This research is carried out, currently, as a part of the research activities of the Queen Jadwiga Research Institute of Understanding and artistic exploration of the micro-macro world of the QJF Art&Science Gallery. In turn, the works of art created within the framework of the Queen Jadwiga Foundation Inc. (the QJF Art&Science Gallery) are object of the research of the Queen Jadwiga Research Institute of Understanding. The aim of the QJF Art & Science Gallery is to promote works of art whose inspiration is rooted in Christian values.


The Gallery is based on an artistic program comprising three thematic strands:


1.      Masterpieces as signs

The artistic interpretation of the best artistic works is placed in an interpretational context as signs of human existence


2.      Works of art as a result of systematic investigations

Works of art are created through investigation of the visual structure of selected picture


3.      Scientific beauty of the expanded visual field

The source of the aesthetic inspiration might be found not only in the world of our common existence but also, due to the expansion of our scale of perception, in the’ micro-macro’ world.





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Last updated: 20 July 2019


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The Queen Jadwiga Foundation

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List of QJF Art&Science Gallery projects


·         Scientific Landscape: Artistic Visualization Based on the Expanded Visual Field of the Scientific Discoveries


·         A New Method of Aesthetical Evaluation of the Picture (in collaboration with the Queen Jadwiga Research Institute of Understanding)


·         A New Artistic Design Based on the Illuminated Manuscripts: an Album “Queen Jadwiga” (in collaboration with the Queen Jadwiga Research Institute of Understanding)


·         Presentation of the New Visual Art of the QJF Art & Science Gallery