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Perła świętej Jadwigi Królowej




This is the unique opportunity to buy the works of art from the QJF Art & Science Gallery. All presented works of art are the limited editions. All money from the selling of the works of art are used to support of activities of the Queen Jadwiga Foundation Inc.. Because of the uniqueness of the QJF Art & Science Gallery and high artistic values of the works it is predicted that in the near future the prices will grow very fast.


Supporting us – is the best investment in your future

  For more information contact us sending e-mail to



Sizes of the Limited Edition Prints.


Unframed prints are available in four standard sizes:


1. Normal (A2) {temporary not available}

2. Standard (A4)

3. Small (20cm x 15cm)

4. Miniature (12cm x 8cm)

This measurement refers to the width of the image area of the print, not the finished frame size. 



1. Normal 1200$ {temporary not available}

2. Standard 250$ 

3. Small 50$

4. Miniature 15$

Printed to the same high standard as all the QJF Art&Science Gallery Limited Edition prints, this fine selection of images provides a beautiful gift for anyone. Limited to only 1000 collector pieces from each image, each print features its title and Authors signature, and is individually numbered. Elegantly framed behind acrylic with classic black finish or timber finish, they come in two sizes and are well packed for easy shipping anywhere.


Each print comes with an official Certificate of Authenticity. 


Please, email for more details and information about available prints:




Please select  available artworks (indicate the number selected artwork):


 No. 1. Invitation to Poland (St Jadwiga Queen –Pope John Paul II – Solidarity)
No. 2. St Jadwiga Queen of Poland
No. 3. Entrance to wisdom
No. 4. Paradise of the mountain (Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold)
Temptation in the middle of the day
Landscape with a known planet


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The Queen Jadwiga Foundation

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