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The first two books from the QJF Press were issued on the festive of the St. Jadwiga Queen’s Day. First one, titled “Scientific Landscape: Artistic Visualization Based on the Expanded Visual Field of the Scientific Discoveries” was issued on 8 June 2004. The second book titled “Queen Jadwiga” was issued on 8 June 2005.


Both books are now available from the QJF Bookshop and can be ordered by e-mail to:



Books are sold within the fundraising activities of The Queen Jadwiga Foundation.


Each edition (leather bounded) is printed and bounded in unique way and is sold with signature of the author. Each signed book has status of the work of art.


The prices in A$:

  • leather bounded (special edition) --- 300AU$
  • hard cover ------------------------  100AU$
  • soft cover -------------------------    60AU$
  • electronic version ------------------    20AU$



To buy books please select book (give title of the book) and send us money order, cheque, or proof that money has been paid to the bank account:

BSB (06)3220
Acc. No. 1006 3357
Acc. Name: The Queen Jadwiga Foundation

We will send books immediately after receiving money on our account.

 For all additional information, please send us e-mail to: office@qjfpl.org


Please see preview from the books:




      Electronic version


Z. Les



Scientific Landscape: Artistic Visualization Based on the Expanded Visual Field of the Scientific Discoveries

Z. Les, M. Les

Queen Jadwiga

Z. Les, M. Les

Shape Understanding System. First steps towards thinking machines


Published: January 2008


M. Les, Z. Les

Queen Jadwiga’s Bouquets


Published: 2008


Z. Les, M. Les

Shape Understanding System – Knowledge Implementation and Learning


Published by Springer-Varlag: July 2012


Zakup online w Springer-Verlag:





Z. Les, M. Les & Józef Dziedzic

St. Queen Jadwiga’s Trail: Castles


Published: 2012

  Z. Les, M. Les

Shape Understanding System.

Machine Understanding and Human Understanding

Published by Springer-Varlag: 2015










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