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The Queen Jadwiga Research Institute 
of Understanding


Director QJRIU. Prof. dr Zbigniew Leś


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I have a great pleasure to welcome you to our Queen Jadwiga Research Institute of Understanding. Understanding is a new area of research that includes problems connected with learning, cognition, problem solving, thinking or understanding and which will be developing very rapidly. Not only so called scientific topics but also many philosophical problems can be approached by seeing them as one of the aspects of understanding. Understanding is one of the human capabilities that play a key role in all human activities. The Queen Jadwiga Research Institute of Understanding is aimed at creating a suitable environment for carrying of research concerning all aspects of understanding. Understanding of the rapidly growing vast area of the scientific knowledge requires very new approach to verify the new scientific facts in the context of knowledge of other scientific disciplines. Also the new learning/teaching methods that will be developed and applied within the framework of the existing educational systems should be based on results of new research of understanding of scientific facts and theories from the different scientific fields. One of the aims of the research in the Queen Jadwiga Research Institute of Understanding is to design and build the thinking machine that will be able to imitate the way in which we think and solve problems. The thinking machine is the most sophisticated generation of the humanoid robots and will find application in many areas of industrial activities. The thinking machine will create a very big challenge for philosophers that should formulate more precisely some old philosophical problems and should see them in the context of limits of our human understanding. In the light of the research in understanding and building of the thinking machine there is no place in science for reduction the human being to be a mere machine that comes to being as the result of the primitive materialistic evolution. Never in the history of the scientific research were researchers involved in solving such a complex problem the problem of the mystery of the human nature.




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