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Constitution Principle Purposes


The Queen Jadwiga Foundation Inc. is dedicated to promoting the cultural activities in music and visual art, interdisciplinary

scientific research, not contradictory to the Christian values, educational and cultural exchanges between nations and

increasing understanding of European and Polish culture and history.

The QJF refers to the tradition when the visual art, music, science and philosophy were very closely related. Principal purpose

of The Queen Jadwiga Foundation is promotion of the visual art and music that refers to the spirit of the medieval period and

utilizes the interdisciplinary research in looking for the new forms of composition of the work of art as well as application

of new computer based techniques in looking for the new forms of composition.

The works of art both in visual art and in music are results of the interdisciplinary research in aesthetics as well as in application

of the new computer based technologies in finding the new forms. On the other hand, the works of art both in the visual art

and in music that are created are subject of the research in order to find the understandable rules that can help better

understanding of the essence of the works of art and enrich the further artistic creative processes.

The Queen Jadwiga Foundation is focused on creating a suitable environment for research concerning all aspects of

understanding. Understanding is one of the human capabilities that play a key role in all human activities. The aim is to

carry out original research that investigates different aspects of understanding, and exchanging obtained research results.

The principle purposes for which the proposed incorporated association is established are:

  1. to promote interdisciplinary scientific research,
  2. to promote the artistic activities in a visual art (the Queen Jadwiga Art&Science Gallery),
  3. to initiate the artistic projects in music the aim of which is to investigate interplay between computer and classical creative tools (opera Queen Jadwiga),
  4. to support cooperation between science and art,
  5. to promote educational and cultural exchange between nations,
  6. to promote increasing understanding of European and Polish culture,
  7. to promote increasing understanding of the Polish history,
  8. to publish scientific books and interdisciplinary scientific journals,
  9. to carry out interdisciplinary scientific projects,
  10. to promote people characterized by attributes such as kindness, wisdom, strength of character and personal sacrifice (scholarships, grants, awards).



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