Every year during the celebration of the St. Queen Jadwiga's Day in Kraków,  the Queen of the Year is selected.  The Queen of the Year, who in some specific way personifies St. Queen Jadwiga, in this sense represents those attributes of our St. Jadwiga Queen which were so characteristic for Her. Meeting of the Queen of the Year with the children from orphanage is on of the most significant examples of the reference to the deepness of the love of the Jadwiga's heart.  During the meeting the Queen of the Year provide the children with the Australian toy animals that are send from Australia by QJF. These toy animals that in some sense  symbolise the lost of the family love are very emotionally received by children.

In  this context it is very shocking that QJF is robed in Australia by some people from the Victorian body corporate whereas members of QJF, especially Director QJF, prof. Z.Les, are maltreated and notorically expelled from his own flat.


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