Queen Jadwiga's Trail

Queen Jadwiga’s Trail is an attempt to identify and show places (e.g. cities, towns, monasteries, churches) which St. Jadwiga Queen visited or most probably visited. There are no many papers left that could, with certainty, document such places. It is why a simple assumption was made: “if there is highly likely that St. Jadwiga Queen could be in a particular place, then it will be believed that St. Jadwiga Queen was in that place”.

St. Jadwiga’s roots are form Andegaven House, it is why places (cities) in France will be also shown as belonging to the Queen Jadwiga’s Trail.

Within this project, it will be initiated building a modern freeway that could connect Krosno City with Krakow City, and further with Budapest (Hungary).

Queen Jadwiga’s Freeway


  1. Anjou Region, France
  2. Neapol, Italy
  3. Budapeszt, Hungary
  4. Wiedeń, Austria
  5. Kraków, Poland
  6. Lwów, Ukraine
  7. Wilno, Lithuania
  8. Biecz, Poland
  9.  Sandomierz, Poland
  10. Dukla Region, Poland – ‘Amber Trail’ along which St. Jadwiga Queen came to Poland
  11. Inowrocław, Poland
  12. The Sanctuary of the Holly Cross of the Cistercian Monks in Krakow-Mogila, Poland
  13. Monastery in Staniątki, Poland – Benedictines Sisters





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