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The Queen Jadwiga Foundation (QJF)



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St. Queen Jadwiga


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Political Activities


8 June -- St. Queen Jadwiga's Festival Day

16 October -- St.  Queen Jadwiga's Coronation Anniversary

18 February -- St. Queen Jadwiga's Birthday











The Queen Jadwiga Foundation was established in Australia on the occasion of the 600th Anniversary of the Refounding of the Jagiellonian University; this celebration took place in the year 2000.


The Queen Jadwiga Foundation is dedicated to promoting the interdisciplinary scientific research, not contradictory to the Christian values, educational and cultural exchanges between nations and increasing understanding of European and Polish culture and history.

The Queen Jadwiga Foundation is a membership organization that is supported by contributions from foundations, corporations and individuals who share in the Foundation mission of understanding and cooperation among nations and individuals based on the values that were promoted by Queen Jadwiga.


The aims of the Queen Jadwiga Foundation are, among others, promoting the interdisciplinary scientific research, not contradictory to the Christian values, publishing scientific journals and books, and promoting people characterized by attributes such as kindness, wisdom, strength of character and personal sacrifice which were characteristic to St. Jadwiga the Queen of Poland.


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Membership payments can be made by cheque or money order. Cheques or money orders should be made out to the Queen Jadwiga Foundation. Payments should be mailed to:


The Queen Jadwiga Foundation

P.O. Box 654


Victoria 3142




Direct payments to the bank account should be made out to:

BSB                (06)3220

Acc. No.        1006 3357

Acc. Name:    The Queen Jadwiga Foundation






Last updated: 20 July 2019


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St. Queen Jadwiga's Little Pearl

St. Queen Jadwiga's Pearl

Treasure of Faith


St. Queen Jadwiga's Altar

St. Queen Jadwiga's Trail

St. Queen Jadwiga's Carols


Patron of Europe

Portraits of ‘The Queen of the Year’

The Queen Meets Children