Second Period of Artistic Activity


Scientific beauty as a result of the expanded visual field


Presented artistic works are created based on assumption that the source of the aesthetic inspiration could be found not only in the world of our common existence but, due to expansion of our scale of perception, it can be expanded from the micro to the macro world (the scientific objects). The visual world of science supplies the visual objects that is synthesizes  during the creative act in the picture of the expanded visual world (macro-micro).). Artistic works from this period called "scientific visualization macro-micro world" shows an attempt of synthesis  of scientific fragmentary description of the world. It is also an attempt to imitate dialogue with representatives of  the mechanical biology oriented and mathematically mythologized description of the world who enforces the blind and contradictory with the natural cognitive way "own  vision " of the description of the world. Presented works are also the results of understanding research carried out in the Queen Jadwiga Research Institute of Understanding. The results of research in our Institute  clearly indicates on the very limited cognitive area of the so called scientific-materialistic approach and stress the big significance of the metaphysic in the human cognitive process.

These works of art are parts of the QJF Art& Science Gallery exposition. All these works of art are result of the aesthetic investigations prof. Z. Les in the years 2003-2007. All these works of art are donated to the Queen Jadwiga Foundation by prof. Z. Les.

















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