These artistic works are the result of utilization of the results of the scientific research that has been carried out in the Queen Jadwiga Research Institute of Understanding (QJRIU) to artistic penetration of our culture that consists of varieties of visual categories. Visual categories, described in the book by Z. Les and M. Les Shape Understanding System. The first steps toward the visual thinking machines" published by Springer-Verlag,  are the rich source of the building elements of the iconographic space. Visual categories not only refer to the material attributes of the real world but also in the specific way manifest their belonging to the world of our culture. This world to the great extent refers to the sense edified on the basis of imagination and mystic metaphysical visual embracing of the unlimited multitude of our existence. These works become prof. Les artistic supplement to philosophical and scientific inquires of the essence of understanding.


1. Description of the reality categories 2D geometrical figures, symbols and letters 2. Description of the reality  categories of  visual objects of the real world, imaginary objects symbols and letters








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