Queen Jadwiga's bouquets

Queen Jadwiga’s Bouquet is a flower composition transformed into the painting. The art of flower composition was known from the ancient times. It is supposed that in Queen Jadwiga’s chambers there were beautifully arranged flower compositions (decorations). The historical sources say that it was very important to Queen Jadwiga the esthetical side of the banquets organized in the castle as well as quality and aesthetics of chambers’ interiors. In the middle ages, the flower compositions illustrations were very popular in the illuminated manuscripts. Dutch paintings representing the flower compositions (‘still life’) are among the most beautiful paintings in the world.

Every week, a new flower composition, so called “Queen Jadwiga’s Bouquet” is arranged. Next, the flower composition is photographed and a new ‘still life’ painting is elaborated using the computer graphics tools.

Those paintings form part of the cultural activities of the QJF Art&Science Gallery.

Each bouquet, placed in the front of the Queen Jadwiga’s painting, is dedicated to our Patron St. Jadwiga Queen as a thanksgiving to our Patron for accompanying us in everyday life throughout the earthly journey.

All paintings representing Queen Jadwiga’s bouquets have been used to create birthday cards and cards for all other occasions.

The book titled “Queen Jadwiga’s Bouquets” was issued by QJF Press in 2008 and launched during celebrating of the anniversary of the Queen Jadwiga coronation on 16 October 2008 in Hyatt Hotel. This book contains the best works selected (more than 50).




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