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Treasure of Faith




From the homily of St. Pope John Paul II


“ …. And we today, listening to the words of the Apostles, wish to tell you, our holy Queen, that you, as few others, had grasped this teaching of Christ and the Apostles. Often you would kneel at the feet of the Crucified One at Wawel to learn this generous love from Christ himself. And learn it you did. You showed by your life that the greatest thing is love. …  It is from him, the Christ of Wawel, the black Crucifix to which the people of Krakow come every year on pilgrimage on Good Friday, that you learned, Queen Hedwig, to give your life for the brethren. Your deep wisdom and your intense activity flowed from contemplation, from your personal bond with the Crucified One. Here contemplatio et vita activa found the right balance. Thus you never lost the "better part", the presence of Christ. Today we wish to kneel with you, Hedwig, at the feet of the Crucified One of Wawel, to hear the echo of that lesson of love which you listened to.””


The Treasure of Faith, the cross with the precious stone, is established as the symbol of our faith that would be given to the representative of the young generation of students to remind them, in the time of the confusion and distress, what is the most important and what the most precious treasure they can receive from our generation of Solidarity, St. Jadwiga Queen and St. Pope John-Paul II. This cross is also a symbol of our care for the young generation and will be given to ensure that we will do everything to keep our faith alive especially within the educational program of schools at every level of education. Every year, the Treasure of Faith will be handed to the Queen of the Year.







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St. Queen Jadwiga’s Treasure of Faith