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The fifth anniversary of canonization of St. Jadwiga (Hedwig) Queen

8 June 2002

The year 2002 is the year when the QJF started to develop its activities. In that time we had rather a small financial resources and the form of our activities started to have the (). During that time we were concentrated on elaboration a unique profile of activities of QJF. We hoped that Primate J. Glemp and Cardinal Macharski were personally involved in the organization of the celebration of the 5th anniversary of Queen Jadwiga canonization. We couldn’t believe that in such a short period of time, from that moment when She was canonized, She would be forgotten in so ‘well planed’ way. We were sure that in the day 8 June there was a very solemn celebration in Krakow. Forgetting about the Queen Jadwiga was coincident with very rapid development of the workers Lagiewniki. In that context there is difficult to remove the memory of times when we were persuaded to believe that Krakow is situated close to Nowa Huta. The very popular song that we had to learn “the song about the new Huta’ was introduced to disturb longings of the polish heart for the marvellousness of the royal town. This is difficult to believe in the blind coincidence taken into account context of the event in Poland and in other countries all over the world. After many years of experience we learned haw big role in the Catholic Church play the so called ‘apostles of the social justice’.

As it was said at the beginning we would like to participate in the 5th anniversary of Queen Jadwiga canonization, having in mind the fact that in Krakow there is a big festive. Because the day 8 June was so close we managed only to send the bouquet red roses by the Flower Company.


Flowers before the urn with ashes of the St. Jadwiga Queen – visible red roses from QJF.




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