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The QJF Press is dedicated to promote the increase of interest in both historical and artistic literature. The historical book not only needs to include the information about the historical events but also needs to refer in some way to the past. A handwritten book with pictures and decorations painted or drawn in bright colors was a major form of artistic expression at medieval times. Those handwritten books are called illuminated manuscripts. The aims of the project are: to elaborate the new artistic method of illustration of the printed book, to introduce a new technique of the artistic designing of the book, to investigate interplay between text and illustration in the book and to increase the interest in both historical and artistic literature. The first version of the book was issued on the Queen Jadwiga's Day (8 June 2005) . This book can be ordered from the QJF Kiosk.


The QJF Press is also promoting the new form of electronic books that utilize the resent research in understanding of the explanatory process. These books will include the all amiable method of presenting of the material and focussing on the utilization of the different means to facilitate the explanatory power of the book. A good example of the application of this designing method is the electronic book titled: “QJF as an inspiration of the life and achievement of the St. Jadwiga Queen of Poland”.


The main focus of the QJF Press is to promote publication of the scientific books concerning of the results of understanding research. At this stage, the scientific books are prepared in collaboration with Springer. Within this project the International Journal of Understanding is published in the electronic version by the QJF Press. 













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“Scientific Landscape”

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„Queen Jadwiga”

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„Queen Jadwiga’s Bouquets”

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„St. Jadwiga’s Trail: Castles”

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Electronic Books:

„Image Understanding and Aesthetic Evaluation”


„Machine Understanding – Human Understanding”